Oriens Enhancer GOLD

Oriens Enhancer GOLD 1.0

Developer Oriens Solution

Powerful tools and utilities for digital image editing and processing.

Xara Xtreme Pro

Xara Xtreme Pro 5.1

Developer Xara Group Limited

With Xara Xtreme Pro we can draw, edit, publish our photos like we wish.

Active GIF Creator

Active GIF Creator 3.8

Developer Image Tools Group

A powerful, intelligible, compact and affordable GIF maker.

Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme 4.0

Developer Xara Group Limited

Xtreme produces vector and bitmapped designs combining drawing, photos and text.


Digital Camera Animated GIF

River Past Animated GIF Booster Pack

River Past Animated GIF Booster Pack 2.6

Developer River Past

create animated thumbnails for video library.

Animated GIF producer

Animated GIF producer 5.2

Developer AVLAN Design

Animated GIF Producer is a tool for creating various animations and banners.

i-Fun Viewer

i-Fun Viewer 8.0

Developer Xequte Software

i-Fun Viewer is an advanced image viewer supporting most popular image formats.

Animation GIF Wizard

Animation GIF Wizard 1.2

Developer banner-maker.net

Animation GIF Wizard is an excellent tool to easily create animated GIF banners.

Magic Image Resizer

Magic Image Resizer 1.8

Developer Magic Project Software

It is a simple yet powerful and professional tool for resizing digital image.

CoffeeCup Image Mapper++

CoffeeCup Image Mapper++ 4.2

Developer Idyle Software

allows you to easily make a web image map.

Animated Banner Maker for GIF

Animated Banner Maker for GIF 1.0

Developer avimpag.net

Animated Banner Maker is a banner design tool that saves output files as GIF.

Convexsoft Animated GIF Converter

Convexsoft Animated GIF Converter 2.4

Developer ConvexSoft

Convexsoft Animated GIF Converter converts GIF to AVI, SWF and FLV.


MakeGIF 2.4

Developer Image Tools Group

Program to create animated GIF files using BMP, JPEG, and other image files.

River Past Animated GIF Converter and Booster Pack

River Past Animated GIF Converter and Booster Pack 7.8

Developer River Past

Is an add-on pack, which adds the ability to output Animated GIF and FLC files .


Digital Camera Animated GIF

Aleo SWF GIF Converter

Aleo SWF GIF Converter 1.6

Developer Aleo Software Inc.

Easy way to convert Flash SWF to animated GIF and animated GIF to Flash SWF.

Animated Gif Tagger

Animated Gif Tagger 1.0

Developer Avatar Lite Services

Automatic Animated Gif Watermark.

Falco Free Animated GIF Library

Falco Free Animated GIF Library 1.0

Developer Falco Software, Inc.

Falco Free Animated GIF Library allows to create, load, save animated GIFs.

GIFanim - Animated GIF maker

GIFanim - Animated GIF maker 6.0

Developer Andrew Thompson

GIFanim is a small app. for creating animated (cycling) GIFs from static images.

Animated GIF Creator

Animated GIF Creator 1.3

Developer animated-gif-creator.com

This software helps you create GIF animations from different image files.

JST Animated Gif のテスト

JST Animated Gif のテスト 6.0

Developer Java Swing Tips

Hercules HD Twist

Hercules HD Twist 4.1

Developer Hercules

Digital camera which connects to a computer via a USB port.

VeryPDF Flash to Animated GIF Converter

VeryPDF Flash to Animated GIF Converter 2.0

Developer VeryPDF Inc

This software was made for converting SWF to animated GIF.


QGifer 0.2

Developer Łukasz Chodyła

It enables users to extract parts of a video to an animated GIF file.

GIF to Cartoon

GIF to Cartoon 1.0

Developer WGY Studio

This program allows you to convert usual animated GIF to cartoon-style GIF.

Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker

Vibosoft Animated GIF Maker 3.0

Developer Vibosoft

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